Keeping Good Tenants

Keeping Good Tenants

Keeping good tenants should be the goal of every landlord.  Good tenants pay the rent on time, let you know promptly if there are repairs needed and are generally just easier to get along with.  Establishing a good relationship with your tenants should happen right from the beginning.  Here are some tips on helping you find and keep good tenants.

Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming gift is a great way to welcome a new tenant.  You can get something simple and inexpensive it is just to let them know that you appreciate them and look forward to having a long and happy relationship.  You can leave them some maintenance tools like a plunger and some things to hang pictures or a cutting board.  It only needs be something thoughtful that the tenant may not have thought of in the chaos that happens when you move.

Send a Holiday Card

The Christmas holidays are a great time to let your tenants know that you appreciate them.  A simple non-denominational holiday card wishing them a happy new year will suffice.  You can send a turkey near Thanksgiving, it is a thoughtful gift your tenants will be able to use.


The best way to keep good tenants is to give them a home that they can be proud of, that means keeping it well maintained.  Regular maintenance also boosts the value of your property.  Break down the tasks into three categories such as cosmetic, preventative and upgrades.  Preventative maintenance includes things like fixing leaky toilets, replacing burnt out hallway bulbs and making sure hot water tanks or furnaces are well maintained.  Preventative maintenance should always have first priority.  Cosmetic can include things like fresh coats of paint or resealing driveways.  Upgrades are things like replacing new floors or taking out old and ugly carpets.  Tenants appreciate regular maintenance and knowing they have a home that they can be proud of, happy tenants are long term tenants.

Dealing with Emergencies Quickly

When your tenants move in you should give them a pamphlet or card indicating your business hours as well as what constitutes an emergency.  After hours phone calls in the middle of winter because there is no heat is acceptable however a phone call at 2 am because of a dripping tap is not.  If your tenant calls you with an emergency then you need to get on top of the situation right away.  Once the situation is remedied, give the tenant a call and make sure that everything is back to normal.

At least once a year take a walk around the property and do an inspection to make sure that everything works and fix any repairs that needs to be done.