Are you a private landlord in Ottawa?

You should join a great Ontario Landlord Association because…

Get ready because ACORN is coming for you!

Ottawa Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) mentioned that renters deserve a superior minimum standard of expenses for their apartment’s maintenance. The Ottawa ACORN has been persuading the city hall to raise the minimum standards set for the residential properties and the implementation of the rules on absentee owners or landlords.

Many of the ACORM members are tired of battling with molds, floods and nuisance from their landlords.

Nadia Willard, a board member of ACORN pointed out that “Instead of saying minimum standards, can we not get these apartments, these landlords to ensure that what they live in, they can provide for their tenants.”

“A paint job every two years. Vents cleaned. Air conditioners working. Making sure that there are no bed bugs. It’s important for them to show in good faith that they will do that” she added.

So far, ACORN is working with the city’s law inspectors to come up with the newest and a more hands-on assessment plan with a new structure of the city orders for the troubled properties.

Lately city hall has initiated a campaign to clear out neglected buildings, however they did not say if they are taking into account reinforcing the laws and regulations for poorly maintained apartments. The appeal for an open discussion with the city’s officials was not given as of the moment.

ACORN’s conversation with the city bylaw officials begun last fall and it turned out positive “(The discussions) have been very positive. They know what they’re doing, and they want to do the right thing,”

“It’s not that they don’t understand what’s going on, it’s that (with) the bylaws, sometimes their hands are tied as well.” Willard said.