Ottawa Landlords and Landlord Licensing

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One landlord issue in the news a lot over the past few months is that of ‘landlord licensing’.

What Is Landlord Licensing?

It can have some variations but the main point is if you are a residential landlord renting out either your basement or another part of your house or own an investment rental property you are required to get a license to continue to do business.

To get a ‘landlord license’ you will be required to get your property inspected for safety issues and pay an annual fee to the government.

In comes cases such as what Waterloo landlords face, landlords will also need to pass things such as criminal record check.

Where is Landlord Licensing Going On In Ontario?

Some cities such as Waterloo, London and Oshawa already have landlord licensing.

Other cities are considering it and in some cities landlords fought back and stopped it.

  1. Guelph

Currently the City of Guelph city staff have recommended the city create a bylaw to license landlords.

  1. Mississauga

Starting on January 2nd, 2014 residential landlords in Mississauga will require a license to rent out even their basement apartments.

  1. Hamilton

The City of Hamilton city staff were going to license Hamilton landlords.

In an amazing display of unity for a common objective, Hamilton landlords organized and made passionate presentations showing Hamilton Council landlords licensing was wrong and would lead to less investment in affordable rental housing and hurt tenants.

The excellent work done by Hamilton landlords was applauded by landlords across Ontario.

Thank Goodness There is No Landlord Licensing in Ottawa

According to a report in the Ottawa citizen there is a push for Ottawa to copy the “Oshawa model” and begin to license Ottawa landlords.

Councillor Rick Chiarelli said he wants to licence landlords near Algonquin College.

Chiarelli says only houses with one kitchen, one common area, and one kitchen will even be eligible to get a license if his proposal gains approval.

Landlord Report Card From Government

He also stated he wants to copy the Oshawa system by creating a ‘report card’ where landlords get demerit points if their rental property has complains of issues such as garbage or too much noise.

Landlord Licensing Is An Important Issue For Ottawa Landlords

You can see how Chiarelli uses examples from Oshawa to try to create his case.

Once government starts collecting revenues from landlord licensing (also known as the ‘tenant tax’) in one area, politicians from other areas get interested fast.

We will continue to follow this and report accordingly.