Carbon Monoxide and Tenant Safety

In 2019 Make Sure Tenant Safety Is Your Priority, Including High Quality Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are In Your Rental Properties

A story in the Ottawa Citizen in December should be a wake-up call for Ottawa landlords to take action with regards to fire safety.

A fire in a rental property is every landlords nightmare.

We discussed this before.

Remember back in August we wrote and an Ottawa landlord who received a fine of $34,000 for fire code violations.

Fire safety should be a priority for Ottawa landlords and landlords all over the province.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Last month two tenants went to the Montfort Hospital complaining about ailments they were suffering from.

The two tenants were suffering from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

How did they know?  They were showing all the symptoms.

Here are some of the symptoms of CO poisoning:

1. You have a headache, feel tired, feel dizzy, and feel nauseous.

2. High level poison leads to you feeling confused, you vomit, you are uncoordinated.

3. Sadly, the next step will be going unconscious and even death.

The Hospital Wisely Contacted The Fire Department

The fire department sent a team to the rental property to do an investigation.

They found that the boiler that heats the property was the problem.

It was located in the basement of the unit and was spewing out fumes which were toxic.

The fire team measured the levels of CO in the boiler room.

The levels were more than 800 ppm. At this level people will get ailments such as a headache or become dizzy after only 45 minutes of breathing the air.

People can become unconscious after only an hour.

Because of the danger five tenant had to leave the building and the boiler was turned off.

The next day Enbridge Gas and the landlord came to make sure the boiler was repaired and the building was safe.

New Years Resolutions for Ottawa Landlords

We all make promises in the new year.

Make fire safety a priority in 2019.